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Videotaping of the most important day of your life requires a lot of preparations, skills and time. We are providing recording with professional equipment using stabilizers for smooth shooting.  Covering full day from preparations till last dancing we want you to be sure everything is documented.

Here is list of what will be included in package:

Recording Preparation: 

  1. Creating of the list of the artistic look recording for main video. (i.e. full frame - arms with rings, holding hands, bride & groom alone on beautiful background such as nature or place for photo session, walking for end of the video et.)
  2. Visiting Church for camera placement, talking to the priests or ministers about the church's restriction for recording and also visiting the reception venue.
  3. Meeting with the bride and groom: Questions about music preferences, bride's & groom's personal wishes for the video, arranging cooperative recording on preparations, leaving the house (or wherever preparations took place), arrivals to the church, etc.


  1. Preparation of the bride, Camera 1, preparation of the groom Camera 2.
  2. Leaving houses (or wherever preparations took place), arriving at the church, and the ceremony (2-3 cameras)
  3. After ceremony mingling with guests, etc.
  4. Photo session, video recording for artistic look. (1/2 - 1 hour, which will have to be coordinated with the wedding planner)
  5. Reception. 

Post Production Activities:

  1. Music research and licensing for online view.
  2. Video Editing (4 - 8 weeks).
  3. Getting proofs from the bride and groom on uploading the video online.

You will receive 5 (if you need more let me know) Blu-Ray/DVD sets of videos:

  1. Main video for online purposes (short version of the whole day)
  2. Music video of preparations.
  3. Ceremony - full length real video.
  4. Music video of the guests, reception, and dancing.
  5. Wedding specialties such as speeches, cake cutting, throwing of the flowers, etc.


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